Pawel Jaroszewski

Photo: Piotr Stós

Paweł Jaroszewski – born in Cracow (Kraków) in 1961; has practiced photography for over 20 years.
Jaroszewski takes advantage of his extensive publishing experience in  photographic sessions offered to commercial customers.
Full editorial projects - DTP/Prepress.
In few last years also web projects - websites for order based on CMS systems.



For few last years he takes pictures for album editions in Croatia

In his publications he combines photography of landscape,  architecture and reportage with narration on history and personal reflections.
He participates in the entire process of preparation of his albums for print - from the concept through photographs and editorial work to overseeing
the final phase of publication.

His photographs are always accompanied  with texts by outstanding authors.
The following authors made their contributions to his works:
Krzysztof Burek, Sławoj-Leszek Głódź, Paweł Huelle, Tadeusz Konwicki, Józef Tischner, Jerzy Waldorff, Jacek Woźniakowski, Aldo Čavić, Paweł Jaskanis, Nikola Bižaca, Ivica Huljev, Tonko Maroević, Tomislav Raukar, Vinko Ružević, Vinko Tarbušković, Ambroz Tudor.

Full photo service:
photo sessions, conceptions, art design, DTP/Prepress, web projects (CMS Joomla).

He co-operates with a group of outstanding graphic artists and a professional DTP company.

"Reviews" - here you can read some reviews of authors works (only in Polish and Croatian languages - bo translations, sorry).

Publishing houses and companies - where author works were used - see>"Cooperation".


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